With the decking industry analysis showing the market has the potential to continue to grow tremendously in years to come, one can understand why new materials are popping up on an almost daily basis. Today, the market is flooded with so many deck-building material options that choosing one for your home is almost a daunting task.

Whether you’re planning on embarking on PVC deck construction or composite deck construction, you must understand the difference between each option available. In this article, we’ll help you understand the difference between each option. You’ll also find out the benefits of PVC decking as it relates to other deck-building options. And ultimately, when you have this understanding, you’ll be able to determine which of the options is best right for you for your deck-building project. 

What is PVC Deck Construction?

As the acronym sounds, PVC is a decking material made from a type of plastic as polyvinyl chloride. As a man-made material, PVC is a pure synthetic material that doesn’t contain any natural material like wood flour and, as such, it’s engineered to avoid moisture which is one main source of deck damage. And when moisture sets in for decking, it can cause rot, mildew, and mold.

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PVC Decking and Composite Decking Compared and Contrasted

With most people using the term PVC decking interchangeably for TimberTech AZEK capped polymer deck boards, it’s important to explain what differences exist between PVC and composite decking.  

First, let’s start by explaining the differences between PVC decking and composite decking, and then later we can look at their similarities. Although both the two options are engineered decking options that you can use for your outdoor project the difference between the two is clear. While PVC is made from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride and has no element of organic material such as wood flour, composite decking, on the other hand, is made of a mix of recycled plastic and wood fiber. 

On the similarities between the two options, both PVC decking and composite deking share some similarities just as they have some differences. Both the two options are engineered to avoid moisture which can lead to rot, mildew, and mold. And what this similarity means is that they’re both durable and require low maintenance. 

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Benefits of PVC Decking For You

If you’re wondering why choosing PVC decking for your home project, you must know what benefits the options offer. The benefits of PVC decking are numerous for homeowners looking for a way to build a deck that’ll last longer and requires low maintenance.

Below are some of the benefits that come with PVC decking:

  • Durable material that lasts longer
  • No need for painting or staining
  • Requires low maintenance
  • The warranty

Best PVC Decking Brands 

PVC decking brands are still very much not as saturated as some other types of decking materials available. But you still need to be aware of the various brands available and which one will be best for your project. Long story short, here are a few of the companies offering PVC decking in the market:

Azek Decking

When talking about PVC decking, the name TimberTech rings a bell in the industry. TimberTech owns the PVC decking brand known as AZEK. But AZEK decking isn’t the only material offered by the company; the AZEK decking collection features a vast collection of PVC decking materials in different colors and grain patterns. 

Azek decking features include:

  • Engineered to not absorb moisture with resistance to rot
  • They have a strong capping and composite core designed to help your deck retain its aesthetic beauty by being resistant to dents, scratches, and infestations.
  • Resistant to fading even under the weather

Wolf Decking

Wolf serenity decking is another PVC decking available in the market with a large collection of PVC deck lines. Some of the features of this decking include:

  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight, robust design, and durability
  • ColorWatch 100 technology helps prevent the material from fading
  • Full Reversibility
  • 50-year stain and fade warranty 
  • Resistance to rotting, cracking, splitting, and delaminating

VEKAdeck Decking

The VEKAdeck decking offers you a wide range of applications ranging from outdoor projects to building a boat dock. With a deck board engineered to meet ASTM standards for puncture and impact resistance, VEKAdeck decking comes with nice traction capable of adapting to wet or dry conditions and it’s thermally reflective thereby ensuring you’re kept cool under your foot. 

Some features of the VEKAdeck decking include:

  • Resistance to fading
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Resistance to damage from insects 
  • Splinter-free
  • Lesser expansions and contractions of less than 0.05% allowing for end-to-end butt joints, thanks to the patented formulation.
  • Resistance to slipping and fire and engineered to not absorb moisture thereby making it the best option for high humidity and marine
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmental friendliness

Zuri Decking

Although Zuri PVC decking has a special peculiarity in terms of how its boards are designed they are similar to all other brands mentioned earlier on our list above. With a multi-layered board and sturdy surface, Zuri cellular composite PVC decking is one of the best brands you can get out there. They didn’t just succeed in providing a unique product leveraging world-class technology, the ultra-realistic wood look and grain of exotic wood in their product is quite fantastic!

Some of the amazing features and benefits of this PVC decking brand include:

  • Highly durable acrylic cap engineered to resist fade, stain, scratch, and moisture
  • Nice-looking color and grain that mimic the real look and gran of exotic wood
  • A wide range of color patterns and grain that inspires your creative sense to come up with a wide array of nature variety
  • Slip-free grip 
  • Availability of both grooved and square edge decking

So you have the much-needed understanding of PVC Deck Construction, including what they are, how they best compare and contrast with other types of decking materials as well as the benefits of PVC decking. You have also seen the various brands of PVC decking to choose from and what features come with each of the brands. You should be well equipped with the right information to decide by now, aren’t you? Then go ahead and make that informed buying decision. And when you do, do endeavor to share your experience with us.