If you’re planning to build your deck and looking for the right information to decide whether wood deck constriction will be the best investment choice you should make, you’re in the right place and time.  With the wooden decking industry growing tremendously on an almost daily basis and different types of deck building materials popping up, you can get easily confused when it comes to deciding on the best material to choose for your next project.

Why choose Wood Decking?

Given the varying cost of decking brands and materials available, you shouldn’t jump to a conclusion when planning to build your deck. Most importantly, if your families are such that have a high tendency of relocating so often, you need to consider the cost-effectiveness of the material to use. And that’s where wood decking construction comes in handy. A wood deck can help you achieve the most effective upgrades to be done to your next new home.

Natural beauty or look is another key factor you want to consider when choosing a decking material. A wooden deck, when installed in your home, offers the natural aesthetic you’re your decking need without resorting to painting, decorating, or carrying out any artwork anymore.  

When it comes to strength and durability, wood decking does the job. By using strong wood like teak, for example, you can rest assured your deck will last longer and you wouldn’t have to stress yourself about the material warping no matter the amount of weight put over it. 

Additionally, wood decks are easy to maintain or clean. By applying a little polish on the frame once or twice a year, you can guarantee your wooden deck will remain bright and new for a longer time. However, you should protect your wooden deck from sunlight and moisture arising from rain. The best way to protect your deck from the sunlight and rain is by building a shade over it. 

Wooden decks offer you a bunch of wood panels and finishes that you can try out to give your deck a unique appearance. From Teak and Kwila, etc. there are so many types of wood available for building your deck. 

Ultimately, wood decks are easy to customize to suit any dimensions you want. Wood offers you more flexibility than other materials do. You can choose to design your deck using any pattern, adding shelves, or experimenting with the railing as you like. In short, with wood, you can have the custom deck of your dream.  

Best Types of Wood Decking

Since you’re most likely going to store or place heavy-weight furniture and items on your deck, you must opt for the best types of wood decking. The best wooden deck should be strong and durable. While you want to keep these factors at the back of your mind, here are some best types of wood decking that will last and look great for you:

Soft Wood 

Surprised? But the truth is softwood is far better in terms of durability than most woods out there. While they are resistant to wear and tear, you should try to use sealing and preservative treating for them because they tend to weather over time.


When opting for redwood, you must remember they are different grades of redwood available. Some of the grades you can have include B-Grade, Clear Heart, Construction common, and Construction Heart. Redwood grades can vary by appearance, quality, etc. 

Also, redwood comes in a variety of colors such as dark red-brown shade and lightly toned red. The most important thing to take note of about redwood is maintenance, which is done by applying and reapplying a sealer on the deck over time. Aside from this, redwood is a naturally stable decking material that resists warping and, as such, looks great over a long period. Additionally, this type of decking material retains finishes as it contains little or no resins. 


Cedar is a type of softwood that has been used by many people for their decking projects. While it has a natural resistance to rot and infestations, it might not be a good decking material option for you if you consider the fact that it is too soft thereby making it susceptible to splintering. But people have found it most suitable for projects such as privacy fencing, planters, and other vertical elements. It’s also great for the Panama City or Panama City Beach area because it’s fights the environmental elements.

Pressure-Treated Lumber 

Pressure-treated wood is a great alternative to redwood and cedar in terms of cheaper price and resistance to rot and insects. It’s one type of decking material that is widely available across the U.S. and most deck builders have also found it most suitable for building support for their decks. However, there is one catch to this type of wood and that is the fact that it tends to be unstable, especially at lower prices. And the lower-grade type of pressure-treated lumber tends to become susceptible to warping, shrinking, and twisting. So it’s advisable to opt for the higher-grade lumber which is more worth the price and already treated at the mill with water-resistant chemicals and sometimes pre-stained for you. 


This is another type of wood material that you can use for your decking projects. Although Mahogany is believed to have a beautiful and long-lasting lifespan, it’s relatively pricey than other wood materials out there. The only major concern about this type of wood material is how it’s being logged as many environmentalists don’t believe the Mahogany being shipped to the U.S. is logged legally.


Also, a common natural hardwood that has been used for different projects and at different places in the U.S., Ipe is said not to be environmentally stable. Although it is illegally logged from old-growth forests in South America, Ipe is resistant to mildew and termite. Overall, Ipe is one of the strongest and most affordable types of hardwoods available in the market. But the cost of labor can be higher if you consider the fact that Ipe is hard, which makes it difficult for labor working with the wood.

What Next?

With the different types of wood materials available for you to build your deck, and given all the benefits wooden decks offer over other types of deck building materials, you should be able to build the deck of your dream. Wood decks offer so many benefits over other materials including longevity and beauty. Now is the best time to expand your living space with the deck of your dream and give your families the space they need to enjoy the weather.